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Dosages, Directions & Guidelines

Recommended Dosage: 8000 IU (International Units) natural Vitamin D3 per day


The official FDA recommended daily intake (RNA) of Vitamin D is set at between 400 IU and 600 IU.

Taking this amount of Vitamin D guarantees you one thing: Deficiency.

This level of Vitamin D is the absolute minimum the body needs in order to avoid catastrophic health problems. However, as new research begins to unfold, it’s apparent this RDA is woefully inadequate.

Last year alone researchers increased the RNA twice - first to 1000 IU/day and later to 2000 IU/day. Many practitioners highly recommended taking 5,000 IU’s of Vitamin D3 a day. However…

Latest Studies Indicate The Optimal Amount Of Vitamin D3 Is Now 8000 IU/Day

If you go your local drug or vitamin store, you’ll find they mostly sell Vitamin D in either 400 or 1000 IU capsules. Although Vitamin D is relatively cheap, taking 8 to 20 capsules a day is neither convenient nor economical. Plus, you have to make sure you’re getting Vitamin D3 – and not the inactive D2 form.

A much better, surer (and less expensive!) way is taking easy to swallow, newly formulated maximum potency 8000 IU natural Vitamin D3 capsules, AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY at: Order Vitamin D.

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Each of these 8,000 IU capsules meet the new guidelines. By purchasing their 5-bottle offer, it works out to about $4/month.

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