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Science & Vitamin D

Vitamin D comes in two forms. The biologically active form is known as D3 or cholecalciferol. The terms “Vitamin D” and “D3” can be used interchangeably. 

The D2 version is essentially biologically inactive, and must be converted into D3 before it has any effects on the human body. This is a wasteful process – especially since the active D3 version is so economical to begin with.

In the last few years the science of Vitamin D has virtually exploded. Careful review of the scientific literature points to the vital importance of Vitamin D in maintaining health. In one study after another, Vitamin D is being revealed as one of nature’s most important nutrients.

Vitamin D and Stress

We are just beginning to scratch the surface regarding the study of chronic stress on the human. 

Many prominent medical clinicians and physicians now believe long term stress can lead to or potentiate a cornucopia of chronic conditions


So as one can readily see, fighting chronic stress is extremely important. One of the major recent findings is the discovery of NF-kappaB.

Living in the cytosol of cells, NF-kappaB appears to be the major promoter of a number of health problems. It is activated by injury, radiation, stress, allergens, viral infections, certain prostaglandins, toxins (like pesticides), low levels of omega fatty acids and low levels of Vitamin D.

“We are ALL Deficient”

An important lecture was held in May of 2008 in Vancouver - The International Conference of Orthomolecular Medicine. Dr. Damien Downing, MB, author of “Day Light Robbery” in describing how Vitamin D functions and how its deficiency affects our health, stated that:

“…we are ALL deficient in Vitamin D.”

Dr. Downing does makes some extremely interesting observations about the importance of optimal levels of Vitamin D, and the correlation between low levels of this bio-nutrient and many of today's most virulent health-destroying conditions.

We urge you to seek out Dr. Downing's lecture on the internet, as we have recently been informed by the Department of Health and Human Services that merely mentioning and summarizing many of his findings are violations of FDA regulations.

While I as a physician personally feel that medical knowledge should open and available to anyone, in any forum - the powerful forces in charge apparently disagree.

The Mayo Clinic Weighs In …

The renowned Mayo Clinic has also done some serious research into the effects of Vitamin D, reporting that overall 93% of schoolchildren and adults are deficient in Vitamin D, this according to a Minnesota-based study. 

Within that same study, the Mayo Clinic found 100% of African-Americans, East Africans, Hispanics and Native Americans were deficient.


FDA Recommended Dosage Believed Hugely Inadequate

The FDA’s recommended daily intake of Vitamin D is 400 IU to 600 IU. This amount ensures one thing: You’ll in all likelihood be deficient in this essential nutrient. This RDA amount of Vitamin D was first derived in the1940's - and was the minimum amount necessary to prevent rickets - a deforming bone disease found in children with exceedingly low Vitamin D levels.

The most recent scientific findings indicate taking over 20 times that amount:

8000 IU's per day. (Raised from 5,000 IU's a day.)

Sunlight and Vitamin D

Our bodies can manufacture Vitamin D3 through a complex metabolic process involving sunlight. But in recent years, a major advertising campaign has been underway practically demonizing direct sunlight! It is indeed curious, in that most every living creature on earth has in some way developed precisely because of sunlight - the very source of life we are being told to avoid.

In almost all individuals, direct sunlight is vitally important for optimal health. My caveat here is of course to make sure you receive sufficient amounts, and stop before indications of sun burn and sun damage begins.

Here's a little known fact: Darker skinned races convert Vitamin D via sunlight LESS efficiently than lighter toned races.

Vitamin D3 Is Exceedingly Safe

Many people confuse Vitamin D with Vitamin A. That’s normal, because the two are usually lumped together when buying supplements.

While we do need both vitamins in maintaining good health, Vitamin D doesn’t have anywhere near the toxicity of Vitamin A when taken in larger dosages.

The fear of over-supplementing with Vitamin D is basically without merit – and has been largely debunked by independent research.


Maximum Potency 8000 IU Capsules Recently Made Available

Many Vitamin D3 capsules come in 400 IU (international units) capsules. 1000 IU capsules are slowly becoming mainstream. Several manufactures do offer Vitamin D3 in 2000 IU and even 5000 IU strength.

To our knowledge, only one formulation is currently offered having the maximum 8000 IU potency. Please review this site for further information.

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